What we – and only we – can do for you

With the help of the geneXplain platform plus a number of proprietary programs and data collections, we would like to support you in getting the very best out of your data.

  • Do a causal analysis of your DEGs by integrated promoter and pathway analysis
  • Come up with potential master regulators of the process under study

accompanied by:

  • Pre-processing of your raw data
  • A semi-automatic QA of your data
  • Identification of differentially expressed genes (DEGs)
  • Identification of the enhanced biological processes in your samples


What you have:
  • Microarray data
  • (many platforms supported)
  • RNAseq data
  • ChIPseq data
  • (either raw or preprocessed)
  • Processed proteomics data
What you will get from us:
  • A clearly arranged report (html and pdf format) about the results
  • Graphical summaries of the results, suitable for your publication
  • The tabulated results in detail
  • Free access to the geneXplain platform with all your data and results


  • The option to continue the work with your data and results by yourself
  • The option of
    • an additional premium analysis including manual expert supervision according to your specifications
    • in-depth consulting on the bioinformatic / biological interpretation of your data and planning of further experiments

Our aim

Support your work by a range of service and consulting offering at different levels of expertise
To provide you with maximal flexibility to decide at any time whether you continue your analysis

  • using one of our service offers, or
  • continue the analysis yourself.
In the latter case, we will support you in any way in handling our platform by

  • providing all documentary materials
  • remote introduction or training courses
  • on-site training
  • step-by-step guidance and supervision of your own analysis
  • our support hot-line