Genes categorization

Genes functional annotation

Identification of the enriched Gene Ontology (GO) categories, pathways, or diseases in your gene set


This service is available for the following categories:

Gene Ontology

  • biological process
  • cellular component
  • molecular function

TRANSPATH® pathways

Reactome pathways

HumanCyc pathways

HumanPSD™ diseases


Example visualizations:


Biological processes to which genes from your input gene set belong to can be visualised by us in a tree map or table view:

GO Biological processes


GO Biological processes table


Signaling pathways in which genes from your gene set are involved can be visualised by us in a graphical or table view:



Pathways table view


Human diseases biomarkers of which are enriched in your gene set can be visualised by us in a graphical or table view.



Diseases table view


Want to see how all these visualizations can be integrated into one analysis pipeline starting from target genes identification out of raw omics data and ending with identified master regulators of the studied process? Check out this demo report constructed on the basis of RNA-seq data analysis (raw *.fast files) taken from GSE32424 dataset on Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma:


Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (GSE32424) — Transcriptomics, FASTQ


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