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TRANSFAC® and TRANSPATH® are registered trademarks, the contents of the mentioned databases are subject to copyright.

TRANSFAC® is the gold standard in transcription regulation, providing information about the involved components (transcription factors, TF, and their genomic binding sites) as well as the largest library of TF binding site models (i.e., positional weight matrices) to be used for the prediction of potential binding sites in DNA sequences.

TRANSPATH® is one of the largest signaling network databases. It has been integrated with the PROTEOME database, but is also available as stand-alone product. Both TRANSFAC and TRANSPATH are valuable resources to fully exploit the capablities of geneXplain’s proprietary upstream analysis implemented in the geneXplain platform.

PROTEOMETM has been a collection of databases about the completre proteomes of different organisms. Its volume HumanPSD (Human Proteome Survey Database) is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the disease associations of human, mouse and rat proteins. Its particular value lies in the identification of known and potential biomarkers.

Database distributorship

Since January 2024, geneXplain is the exclusive and perpetual owner of the former BIOBASE databases TRANSFAC®, TRANSPATH® and PROTEOMETM, responsible for their development, maintenance, and world-wide commercialization and distribution.


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