Pathway analysis services

We perform pathway analysis using the TRANSPATH database of signaling and metabolic pathways.

Commonly pathway analysis is performed by us as a second step of Upstream analysis – integrated promoter and pathway analysis revealing the master regulators of the studied biological process:

Upstream analysis - integrated promoter and pathway analysis


The image below shows the reconstructed signaling network of a pathological process under study:


Pathway analysis with TRANSFAC database


The master regulators are rectangles with red color fill at the top of the regulatory pyramid. The intermediate signaling molecules are colored with green. Blue are the transcription factors (TFs) and light blue at the very bottom are genes from the initial dataset regulated by these TFs.

Below you can find the full analysis report generated by our Genome Enhancer tool. This report includes the signaling network shown above – it was constructed on the basis of integrated promoter and pathway analysis that was performed on the input VCF file with genomic mutations collected from a colorectal cancer patient:

Colorectal Cancer (Personalized patient data) — Genomics, VCF


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