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The geneXplain platform

Basic or professional?

What is the geneXplain platform?
The geneXplain platform is an online toolbox and workflow management system for a broad range of bioinformatic and systems biology applications.
What does the platform include?
The platform provides an integrated view on several databases and analysis tools. They can be combined in a highly flexible way to design customized analyses.
How does the platform work?
Ready-made workflows allow a quick and easy access to the platform and its complex analysis functions. Input forms are simple and user-friendly.
How much does the platform cost?
It is for free! After registration (see below) you will get access to the platform immediately with 15Mb working space.
What is the geneXplain platform professional?
You can adjust your working space to your needs and datasets, while we  support 50 different input formats  with drag-and-drop function.
What does the geneXplain platform professional include?
You can access over 30 state of the art tools for  raw data processing  and work in 200 downstream pipelines with over 15 included databases.
How to enable geneXplain’s unique upstream analysis?
You have the option to include geneXplain’s sophisticated commercial databases TRANSFAC®, TRANSPATH® and HumanPSD to qualify for the  full upstream analysis  within the platform.
How much does the geneXplain platform professional cost?
It starts with 1000 Euro (without VAT) for academic organizations with a 1-user account and 50 GB working space for one year.
Want professional account now?
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geneXplain platform interface

Make your registration and get your basic platform account for free now!

Register via this form to immediately get your free geneXplain platform account.

Select the “Registration for a free platform account” option at the top of the form to proceed.


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Please note that the free account provides 15 MB disk space for performing the analysis. In case you will exceed this limit, an email will be sent to the address you have provided upon registration and your account will be transferred to a read/delete access mode within 3 days. Starting from that point, you will have 30 calendar days to either delete your data to meet the free account limit of 15 MB, or purchase disk space from us. In case no further action will be taken by you within this period, all your data will be permanently deleted, after what your account will be reactivated.

If you will have any questions towards the geneXplain platform disk space purchasing procedure, please contact us via this form or by email

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