Targets and biomarkers of the novel anticancer compounds inducing oxidative stress in cancer cells






As a Eurostars project, OxidoCurin is an international, SME-driven project for innovative product development with a fast track to market.

The project aims at further developing a novel anti-cancer lead compound, to make it suitable for application in preclinical and later clinical trials. The starting point will be a previously characterized lead compound. To provide all preconditions for future exploitation, the target(s) of the compound will be experimentally validated by different methods, among them state-of-the-art TPP (thermal proteome profiling) methodology.
Elucidating the mechanism of interaction of the lead compound with its target(s) will enable to identify its mechanism of action. Further efforts will be made to identify biomarkers of sensitivity and resistance of cancer cells and the mechanism of possible toxic side effects.
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2017-10-01 to 2020-09-30


The project is coordinated by Dr. Alexander Kel, geneXplain GmbH, Wolfenbüttel, Germany