Promoter analysis services

Promoter analysis

We in geneXplain are gene regulation experts. We can identify transcription factors regulating the gene(s) of your interest in some particular conditions or on a general basis using our TRANSFAC database.

We own a variety of approaches towards search for transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) and the selection of a method that will be used for each particular analysis is done individually with respect to the input and output requirements.

Here are some examples of how the analysis results can look like in case of:

–        Single human gene analysis with a selection of tissue in focus

–        Human gene set analysis with a selection of GO biological process in focus

–        Gene regulation analysis for any eucaryotic organism

–       Full-fledged end-to-end analysis of omics data that incorporates integrated promoter and pathway analysis and reports master regulators of the studied process


Please provide the info on the service you want to request from us in the form below, and our manager will contact you shortly with further details: