news 2011

December 5th-6th 2011


CSO Alexander Kel attended the 2nd SYSCOL meeting in Geneva.

November 8th-10th 2011


GeneXplain platinum sponsor of the 2011 Joint Conference of CBI & JSBi in Kobe, Japan. Edgar Wingender presented the geneXplain portfolio in three talks:

“Efficient large-scale screening of chemical structures for potential biological activities”

“The geneXplain platform: from functional genome analysis to biological process simulation”

“One out of 24 million: How to computationally identify a new candidate drug against breast cancer”

October 21st-22nd 2011


Alexander Kel was co-organizer and instructor at the International Forum for Pathway Analysis in Proteomics (PathProt-4) organized by the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal

October 10th 2011


Edgar Wingender gave a presentation pointing “Towards a comprehensive computational platform for next generation drug development – A Russian‐German joint venture” at the German-Russian Forum Biotechnology 2011 in the Convention Center, Hannover, Germany. The workshop was held on the occasion of the Biotechnica exhibition.

September 23rd 2011


Alexander Kel talked about “System medicine” at the St. Petersburg Scientific Forum “Science and Society. Physiology and Medicine of the 21st Century”.

September 7th 2011



Alexander Kel presented “BioUML – open source integrated platform for collaborative and reproducible research in systems biology” at the COMBINE 2011 in Heidelberg.

August 28th-September 1st 2011


GeneXplain’s booth at the 12th International Conference on Systems Biology in Mannheim/Heidelberg, Germany.

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August 28th 2011


Alexander Kel gave a presentation about “The SME’s role in systems biology approaches to medical applications” at EU workshop on “Collaborative research in Systems Biology: Success stories and research funding opportunities” in Heidelberg.

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July 21st-24th 2011


Alexander Kel, CSO of geneXplain, talked about “Modeling of pathway plasticity in cancer” at the Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (MCCMB’11) in the session of Medical Bioinformatics. He also presented the “geneXplain platform for systems medicine” in a special session on the BioUML/Skolkovo project.

June 27th-30th 2011


Alexander Kel, CSO of geneXplain, gave a course about “Hunting for Genes and Promoters” in the Gulbenkian Training Programme in Bioinformatics, Oeiras, Portugal.

June 10th 2011

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Alexander Kel, CSO of geneXplain, participates in the FP7 Health Partnering Event of the European Union in Brussels

June 9th 2011


Alexander Kel, CSO of geneXplain, presented and discussed about the topic “SMEs in systems biology for medical applications” at Open Information Day on FP7 Health Research of the European Union in Brussels.

Get the slides here.


March 23rd 2011


Alexander Kel, CSO of geneXplain, talked about “From analysis of gene regulatory networks to systems medicine” at the VIth Moscow International Congress “Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development” in Moscow, Russia.

March 1st 2011


Alexander Kel gives a seminar about “Key-nodes in signal transduction network are potent drug targets for combating survival of tumor cells” at the Argonne National Laboratory, Computation Institute, of the University of Chicago.

February 21st 2011


Alexander Kel, CSO of geneXplain, presented at the ABRF2011 in San Antonio, Texas.

In a workshop on the “Identification of Mechanism-Based Biomarkers and Drug Targets Using Pathway Analysis”, Alexander has spoken about “GeneXplain — Identification of Causal Biomarkers and Drug Targets in Personalized Cancer Pathways”

February 1st 2011

GeneXplain sponsors and presents at the Cell Signal-omics conference in Luxembourg.

January 26th-28th 2011

GeneXplain sponsors and presents at the Cell Signal-omics conference in Luxembourg.

January 1st 2011

GeneXplain became partner of the EU consortial project SYSCOL (Systems Biology of Colorectal Cancer).