When TRANSPATH license is included in your license package, you immediately receive access to one of the largest available, manually curated, pathway databases containing more than 1,090,000 reactions..

For each of the 190 pathways contained in TRANSPATH database, you will find explicit information on the pathway subcomponents and individual reactions, from which the pathway subcomponent was assembled:

IFNalpha:beta pathway


All reactions are supported by experimental details and respective references.

Pathway/Chain Report – presents information about pathways and chains involved in signaling or metabolism.

Reaction Report – presents information about the individual reactions that comprise signaling and metabolic pathways.


The database also contains the protein-protein interactions (PPIs) information, as well as information of post-translational modifications (PTMs):

protein-protein interactions


Example locus report with this and other information can be downloaded here or viewed below:

Locus Report BRCA1 (BRCA1) , Human