HumanPSD content

HumanPSD content


When HumanPSD license is included in your license package, you immediately receive access to one of the largest available catalogs of proteins and their complexes from human cells, plus their orthologs from mouse and rat sources.

The main focus of HumanPSD database is on the association of human proteins with diseases as well as on their potential use as biomarkers.

Drugs targeting human proteins are reported. In addition, information can be retrieved on the molecular functions, biological roles, localization, and modifications of proteins, expression patterns across cells, tissues, organs, and tumors, consequences of gene mutations in mice, and the physical and regulatory interactions between proteins and genes.

The demo locus report of BRCA1 gene with Gene-Disease-Drug-Clinical Trials info integration can be downloaded here or viewed below:

Locus Report BRCA1 (BRCA1) , Human


Additional demo reports can be found here: disease report (Hypertension); drug report (Lisinopril).


You can also check the information of selected reports contained in HumanPSD database in the geneXplain portal user manual:

Locus Report – presents information about genes, RNAs (mRNAs, pre-miRNAs, or miRNAs), and proteins.

Disease Report – presents information about human diseases.

Drug Report – presents information about drug entities.