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Bioinformatics trainings with geneXplain


Welcome to bioinformatics trainings with geneXplain


This bioinformatics training courses initiative by geneXplain aims to assist you in your research and to guide you on performing various bioinformatics analyses using geneXplain’s tools and databases


We are organizing a series of one day on-line training courses that will provide practical hands-on training on how to use geneXplain tools and software in your research. The training will cover all main functionalities of geneXplain software on motif analysis, NGS processing, pathway and network analysis, visualisation of your results, usage of R API and much more. At the end you will be certified power user of our rich software platform.

You are welcome to fill in the form below in respect to your research interests so that we know which topics to focus on during our course and which sessions to invite you to: