Systems Biology of Colorectal Cancer
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A collaborative project funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme ( FP7/2007-2013 ) under grant agreement no. 258236, research area HEALTH.2010.2.1.2-1, Tackling Human Diseases through Systems Biology Approaches.Coordinator:
The project is coordinated by Prof. Jussi Taipale, Karolinska Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. The 11 participants of the consortium are from 8 European countries, from Israel and the United States.

Contract period: January 1st, 2011 – December 31st, 2015

Contract no. 258236.

SYSCOL is a systems biological project that aims at developing a quantitative and comprehensive model of colorectal tumorigenesis, one of the most common cancers in both males and females.

GeneXPlain contributes to the project by developing an integrative tool platform for bioinformatic and systems biological software and databases.

Further information:

Homepage of SYSCOL.
Press release of the Karolinska Institute
Project description on the CORDIS server of the European Commission

Jussi Taipale’s collection of Positional Weight Matrices, the most comprehensive experimental set available to date (Jolma et al., Cell 153: 327-338, 2013; PMID 23332764), has been consistently linked to E. Wingender’s transcription factor classification.


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