Recent applications

Selection of articles reporting about HumanPSD applications:
  • Kawashima Y., Nagai H., Konno R., Ishikawa M., Nakajima D., Sato H., Nakamura R., Furuyashiki T., Ohara O. (2022) Single-Shot 10K Proteome Approach: Over 10,000 Protein Identifications by Data-Independent Acquisition-Based Single-Shot Proteomics with Ion Mobility Spectrometry. J Proteome Res. 21(6), 1418–1427. Link
  • Lim, J. S., Ibaseta, A., Fischer, M. M., Cancilla, B., O’Young, G., Cristea, S., Luca, V. C., Yang, D., Jahchan, N. S., Hamard, C., Antoine, M., Wislez, M., Kong, C., Cain, J., Liu, Y. W., Kapoun, A. M., Garcia, K. C., Hoey, T., Murriel, C. L., & Sage, J. (2017). Intratumoural heterogeneity generated by Notch signalling promotes small-cell lung cancer. Nature, 545(7654), 360–364. Link
  • Reales‐Calderón, J. A., Aguilera‐Montilla, N., Corbí, Á. L., Molero, G., & Gil, C. (2014). Proteomic characterization of human proinflammatory M1 and anti‐inflammatory M2 macrophages and their response to Candida albicans. Proteomics, 14(12), 1503-1518. Link
  • Martínez‐Solano, L., Nombela, C., Molero, G., & Gil, C. (2006). Differential protein expression of murine macrophages upon interaction with Candida albicans. Proteomics, 6(S1), S133-S144. Link