New applications

Out now !
New workflows
  • Fully automatic pipelines for paired RNA-seq libraries
  • New workflows for analyzing multiple BAM files
  • Estimate DEGs from raw RNA-seq data, counts or normalized transcriptomic data
  • Support of new species Zebrafish and Arabidopsis
  • Investigate tissue- or cell-line specific miRNA promoter regions with TRANSFAC®
  • Identifying miRNA binding sites in tissue-specific genes with HumanPSD™
  • New pipeline to analyze SNPs with TRANSFAC® and TRANSPATH® at once
New and updated databases
  • Ensembl Arabidopsis thaliana (TAIR10)
  • Ensembl Danio rerio (GRCz11)
  • TRANSFAC® 2022.1
  • TRANSPATH® 2022.1
  • HumanPSD™ 2022.1
New tools
  • Support of Affymetrix miRNA-4.1 microarray chip & Agilent miRNA microarray chips
  • Enable multiple miRNA ID support and conversion handling
  • TRANSFAC® MATCH™ for tracks
  • Convert table to VCF track
  • Filter VCF by genotype