Key features

  • Identifies activated targets in the examined patient data and suggests known and re-purposing drugs
  • Based on well accepted databases TRANSFAC®, TRANSPATH®, HumanPSD™
  • Applies unique in-house developed algorithms
  • Suites for use by researches and by medical doctors
  • Does not require special skills to operate
  • Analyses all types of omics data starting either with raw or pre-processed data
  • Generates a comprehensive report on the identified drug targets and prospective therapies
  • Generates MTB (Molecular Tumor Board) report on patient’s genomics data for a number of pathologies (if not more than 2 conditions were selected during the analysis launch)


Available solutions


Starting from release 2.0 Genome Enhancer is also available as Genome Enhancer Expert solution – a powerful synergism between the automatic pipeline for multi-omics data processing of Genome Enhancer and the comprehensive bioinformatics toolbox of the geneXplain® platform.

Genome Enhancer Expert will open you the full functionality of the geneXplain® platform with TRANSFAC®, TRANSPATH® and HumanPSD™ databases connected. In the platform view you will be able to perform further processing of your analysis results, received from Genome Enhancer, create, modify and use already pre-defined workflows for your multi-omics data analysis and work with data coming from other model organisms. For more info on geneXplain® platform functionality please refer to the platform product page.