RNA-seq data analysis
From raw reads to full integrated & advanced gene analysis of your experimental data.
Transcription factor identification
Find enriched transcription factor binding sites and corresponding factors/enhancers.
Networks and key signaling molecules
Upstream analysis to discover novel master regulators and underlying mechanisms.
Next generation sequencing
Gene expression profiling, detection of genetics changes and molecular analysis.
Drug target assessment
Integrated promoter and pathway analysis to find prospective therapeutic targets.
Pathway enrichment
Identify key nodes and inferred activity in canonical pathways or reconstructed networks.
ChIP-seq data analysis
Calling peaks, find regulatory regions, classify and analyze target genes.
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
Identify affected regulatory DNA motifs and find damaged signal proteins.
Gene Ontology
Map, reduce and visualize GO terms to get a functional classification.
Single Sequences in Genome browser
Work with human, mouse, rat, zebrafish and arabidopsis genome builds.
miRNA characterization
Target identification, get binding site enrichment and tissue specificity.
Genomic variants verification
Predict variant effects and get a molecular tumor board report.