Quickly access detailed reports
For individual genes, proteins, miRNAs, diseases, and drugs without time-consuming literature search.
Uncover biologically relevant connections
Between seemingly disparate genes, diseases, and drugs.
Identify and rank potential therapeutic targets
Based on known functional characteristics.
Find out clinical trials
For diseases as well as the approved, investigational and experimental drugs and their protein targets.


In addition to that, all our customers enjoy the following advantages or our products:

–       Technical and scientific support or your research: rapid answers to your questions from our professional support team will be always provided

–       Secure cloud space connected with online licenses that can be accessed from any location

–       Extensive manuals, documentation, examples, and tutorials available for all our products

–       Frequent releases and updates of our databases contents and software functionality

–       Ability to request personal training sessions

–       All our servers are running on CO2-neutral water or wind power