Key features

About more than 53,000 proteins and 5390 microRNAs.
Gene-disease assignments
More than 139,800 extracted from original scientific literature and evaluated by experts, referring to more than 3,900 diseases (human) or disease models (mouse).
Drug-protein interactions
More than 55,000 and referring to more than 9,600 drugs.
Gene Ontology (GO)
More than 694,000 assignments to GO, manually annotated and quality-checked.
Gene expression
More than 2,403,000  assignments.
More than 2,997,000 annotation statements given.
Peer-reviewed publications
More than 437,000 references to scientific publications provided.
Ontology Browser
An integrated tool supports easy selection of defined sets of gene/molecules.
Functional Analysis
A tool allows identification of shared characteristics in a set of genes/proteins or miRNAs.