Classroom License



In support of bioinformatics courses and hands-on trainings


In support of bioinformatics and systems biology educational courses at universities all over the world, geneXplain provides student access to its software tools and databases at a heavily discounted price. Any professor or supervisor holding an active geneXplain license can now purchase the classroom license add-on, granting his or her students access to the best-in-class biological databases and bioinformatics software tools, restricted to the educational purposes.


How does it work?

Classroom license is an optional add-on to your general geneXplain license.

Classroom licenseYou can purchase the classroom license for a subset of products included into your general license.

The following compositions of products are available under the classroom license:

  • TRANSFAC + geneXplain platform 50 GB account
  • TRANSFAC + TRANSPATH + HumanPSD + geneXplain platform 50 GB account

Classroom licenses are intended for educational purposes only. They allow you to arrange a hands-on training for your students with the best-in-class professional bioinformatics software and databases. Depending on your needs, we offer classroom licenses of different durations and different student group sizes. You can use the intuitive calculator below in order to check the classroom license price that would fit you best.


Get your classroom license now

*VAT not included. Provided prices are given for informational purposes only and are not a public offer. European and US customers can refer to the provided prices upon making a direct purchase form geneXplain. Customers from other countries are advised to either check the prices with their regional distributors or contact us via the form below or by for any payment details.

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What if I do not have a general geneXplain license yet?

That’s not a problem at all! We can assist you in purchasing the full batch of your own license + the classroom license for your students at once. Just fill in this form and our sales representative will contact you shortly with a respective quote.


What are the restrictions of the classroom license?

Classroom license for your students is intended for educational purposes only. As a supervisor, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the license key is used properly. Your students can use geneXplain products granted by the classroom license within the usual range needed for their training.


If you have any questions regarding the classroom license, please contact us via for any further details.


Classroom license activation video guide