Current TRANSFAC® release

TRANSFAC® release 2024.1

The TRANSFAC® database on transcription factors, their genomic binding sites and DNA-binding motifs (PWMs), contains these new data features:

·       New TRANSFAC analysis tool

In its new 3.0 release, the MATCH Suite toolbox of TRANSFAC 2.0 was updated with the functionality of model organisms’ gene regulation analysis. Now, gene sets coming from Human, Mouse, or Rat can be analyzed based on functional categorization. You can narrow down the site search by selected transcription factors, or you can select the functional categories of your interest and perform search only for transcription factors belonging to those GO terms. As usual, a comprehensive report will be automatically generated with detailed description of the performed analysis steps, and the interactive results visualization mode will allow you to fine-tune the obtained results by applying additional filters.