Current HumanPSD™ release

HumanPSD™ release 2022.1

The Human Proteome Survey Database (HumanPSDTM) with focus on human proteins as disease biomarkers and drug targets contains these new features:

  • Quantitative tissue expression diagram in human locus reports

Normalized transcript expression levels from Human Protein Atlas (v20) are displayed in a histogram across 61 different cell types / tissues. There are several sorting and grouping options, e.g. cell/tissue by organ. In addition, a value for the relative tissue specificity as indicator for expression ubiquity of the respective human gene is given.

  • Extended options to use search results as input for further queries

The added options include the possibilities to query for drugs approved or under research for a certain condition from a search result of diseases and vice versa.

  • Biomarker and drug target data update

The number of disease annotations increased to 369,215 and the number of unique gene/biomarker – disease assignments to 126,804. Targets for FDA – approved drugs have been added by manual curation and the number of drug – target protein associations is now 51,827.