Competitive advantages and peculiarities

  • The program contains a knowledgebase with more than 14 thousand of known interactions between biological activities, as well as the relationships between proteins, signalling / regulatory pathways (KEGG, Reactome), Gene Ontology biological processes and therapeutic and adverse effects.
  • All biological activities are divided onto 7 types: (1) mechanisms of action; (2) pharmacological effects; (3) toxic and side effects; (4) interaction with antitargets; (5) interaction with drug metabolizing enzymes (inhibition, induction, interaction as a substrate); (6) interaction with transporter protein (inhibition, stimulation, interaction as a substrate); (7) changing gene expression of individual genes (increase, decrease).
  • Analysis of possible drug-drug interactions is performed simultaneously for all 7 types of biological activity. 
  • Automatic search for compounds acting on any of the mechanisms of action (or simultaneously on several mechanisms of action, up to 10) associated with the therapeutic effect or signalling/regulatory pathway (KEGG, Reactome) or biological process of Gene Ontology.
  • User-friendly interface, fast download speed and analysis of the prediction results of PASS, PASS Affinity and GUSAR.