Cancer research day

World Cancer Research Day at geneXplain



The event is over. We will publish the video records of some sessions in the nearest time.
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Ahead of World Cancer Research Day, as a highly active biomedical research contributor, geneXplain announced its open day devoted to the oncological studies. The event was held as a free online event on September 23rd, 2021.

We shared our in-house approaches towards identification of prospective drug targets and treatments for the cancer patients. As well, we shared news about recent scientific studies of gene regulation mechanisms, which are known to play a key role in tumor development and progression.

With our worldwide acknowledged expertise in transcription regulation, our experts demonstrated how identification of transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) in the promoters of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) of a certain cancer case can lead to further understanding of the gene regulation mechanisms in the studied cancer pathology and, as a result, can give a straight input to further modelling of the pathology’s molecular mechanism.

A special session was devoted to the TRANSFAC 2.0 – a new view on the gold standard tool in the area of gene regulation. The Genome Enhancer pipeline of prospective drug targets and treatments identification was also presented.


Sessions schedule

September 23rd, 2021


3:00 PM CEST – Opening: Cancer as regulatory disease, Prof. Dr. Edgar Wingender, CEO geneXplain GmbH

3:15 PM CEST – Personalized selection of anti-cancer treatment using RNA-seq and integrated promoter and pathway analysis, Daria Stelmashenko, Product Manager Genome Enhancer

4:00 PM CEST – Brief Introduction to Cancer Genomics, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Borlak, Hannover Medical School, Centre for Pharmacology and Toxicology, Director of the Institute for Pharmaco- and Toxicogenomics

5:00 PM CEST – Genome Enhancer: from raw omics data to personalised drug targets and treatments, Dr. Alexander Kel, CSO geneXplain GmbH

6:00 PM CEST – TRANSFAC 2.0: the fresh look at the gold standard of gene regulation studies, Prof. Dr. Edgar Wingender, CEO geneXplain GmbH

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Prof. Dr. Edgar Wingender, CEO geneXplain GmbH

Edgar Wingender served as professor and director of the Institute of Bioinformatics of the University Medical Center Göttingen (2002-2018) and is CEO of the company geneXplain, which he co-founded in 2010.
He started his career as biochemist, before he dedicated himself to bioinformatics since 1993 at the German Research Centre for Biotechnology (GBF). One of his early achievements was the TRANSFAC database on transcriptional regulation. In 1998, he founded the company BIOBASE which he managed from 2001 to 2010. He participated in more than 20 international and national research consortia and has published two books and more than 160 scientific articles.




Dr. Alexander Kel, CSO geneXplain GmbH

Alexander Kel received his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Genetics in 1990. The research experience of Dr. Kel in bioinformatics totals in more than 25 years. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications and several chapters in books on bioinformatics. During his career, he worked in almost all branches of current bioinformatics including: theoretical models of molecular genetic information systems, sequence analysis, gene recognition, promoter analysis and prediction, analysis of protein secondary structure, prediction of RNA secondary structure, theory of mutation and recombination process, molecular evolution, databases and gene expression studies. Currently, his interests are in the study of complex structure of promoters/enhancers, analysis of signal transduction pathways and identification of drug targets and systems biology and systems medicine.




Prof. Dr. Jürgen Borlak, Hannover Medical School, Centre for Pharmacology and Toxicology, Director of the Institute for Pharmaco- and Toxicogenomics

Jürgen Borlak was born in Neu-Ulm, Germany in 1958. After  studies at Universities in Germany and abroad he obtained his  Doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of  Reading, GB. Following residencies in the UK and France  (Strasbourg) he was habilitated in pharmacology and toxicology  and received the venia legendi(“Privatdozent”) at Hannover Medical School in the year 2000. Two years later he was appointed as full professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Hannover Medical School.From 2002 onwards he has been the Director of the Institute of Pharmaco- and Toxicogenomics at Hannover Medical School. This new field of genomic science applies a wide range of methods in genetics, molecular toxicology and functional genomics for a better understanding of disease causing mechanisms and drug induced toxicities. An array of enabling technologies are applied for an identification of “drugable”targets and for a better understanding of inter-individual differences in drug response,therefore allowing individualized drug treatment regimens and disease prevention strategies. Under his leadership the Institute has gained international reputation in clinical toxicology and the evaluation of hepatobiliary adverse drug reaction. Since 2011 he is an appointed expert of the US governmental agency FDA/NCTR on drug induced liver injury and published nearly 20 papers with the FDA on diverse aspects of drug induced liver injuries. He was also selected by the German government to join the management committee of the Prospective European Drug-induced Liver Injury Network ( for the period 2018 – 2021.

Jürgen Borlak is also an appointed Professor of Molecular Anatomy at the Medical Faculty of the University Leipzig; a Visiting Professor of Experimental Medicine at Uppsala University, Sweden and is Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Trento, Italy.

Jürgen Borlak is author of >280 original publications and 25 book chapters and editor of the Handbook of Toxicogenomics. He is reviewer and member of the editorial board for various scientific journals. Amongst others he has been elected as an expert of the International Agency for Research on Cancer/World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Medicines Agency EMA and is an international reviewer for many European, US and Asian Research Organisations.





Daria Stelmashenko, Product Manager Genome Enhancer

Having her background in IT and computer linguistics, Daria has extrapolated her area of interest into the bioinformatics field in 2014 and since then was working in bioinformatics software development sphere. In particular, Daria was working on implementation of Genome Enhancer and MATCH Suite products as a member of geneXplain’s team.





Other activities

In the breaks between sessions we held entertaining activities such as polls and a lottery with a grand prize of 1 month free license for the Genome Enhancer tool.

Moreover, all participants of at least 2 sessions of the open day can receive a 1-week free access to Genome Enhancer. More details about this offer were provided at the sessions.


Thank you very much for your interest in our open day.