We provide a comprehensive platform for bioinformatic, cheminformatic and systems biological tools

Our team

Prof. Edgar Wingender

Prof. Edgar Wingender
Co-founder and consultant

Having served the company as CEO for more than 12 years, Edgar has retired by October 2022. However, we are happy that we can still benefit from his advice.

Dr. Alexander Kel, CEO and CSO
Dr. Alexander Kel
Founder, CEO & CSO

Alexander is the major driving force behind geneXplain’s science and technology. It is his task to let innovative products and services materialize from new ingenious concepts.


Dr. Olga Kel-Margoulis
Director Applied Life Science Informatics

Having a very strong background in life sciences, Olga has acquired rich experience with a broad range of bioinformatics applications. In particular, she is expert in all aspects of database curation as well as in biological interpretation of gene expression data.

Mathias Krull

Mathias Krull

With a background in life sciences and quality management, Mathias facilitates the content curation  infrastructure and is responsible for database development and production.


Dr. Ines Liebich
Senior Manager Sales & Marketing
Product Manager BRENDA

Ines‘ strong background in life sciences qualified her to build and maintain a number of genetic and molecular databases during her professional career in academia and industries. These experiences made her the ideal person to join geneXplain’s sales team for promoting our database business, in particular as product manager of the BRENDA database.


Dr. Holger Michael
Authorized signatory & Grant manager

With all his rich experience in molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics, Holger has increasingly built expertise in organizing grant applications and managing their administration during the project in his previous positions in academic and industrial environments


Dr. Volker Matys
Customer Support

With his background in molecular biology and data processing, Volker has been working on TRANSFAC for more than twenty years in various functions, initially as database curator and editor, later in quality control and currently in customer support


Philip Stegmaier
Manager Software and Technology Development

Holding a Diploma in biology of the Technical University of Baunschweig, Philip has gathered rich experience in theoretical and applied bioinformatics. It is his responsibility to manage geneXplain’s technological progress and to coordinate the company’s software development, in particular in the context of our national and international research projects.