GeneXplain is excited to present TRANSFAC® 2.0.

TRANSFAC® 2.0 provides you with a range of new content. In particular, you will find enhancers and their features in a new type of report.

TRANSFAC® 2.0 is bundled with a new toolbox, the MATCH Suite. This software package has been optimized to identify transcription factors and their combinations that regulate the genes of your interest. Whether it is a gene list from your experiment or a list selected from the TRANSFAC®, TRANSPATH® or HumanPSD™ databases, the MATCH Suite accepts it and initializes a fully automatized sophisticated workflow. The system considers the biological context of your data, for instance functional categories or tissue specificities. The specific regulators (transcription factors) of your gene set and their combinatory modules are identified.

The MATCH Suite automatically generates a comprehensive report on rigorously filtered transcription factors regulating your gene set. Interactive tables will guide you through the intermediate steps, indicate the eventually identified TFs, and show how your input genes are regulated by them. You will love the on-the-fly filtering by different criteria as well as the interactive genome browser visualization of sites identified in the promoters of your input genes.

See below a few screenshots to get a first impression about TRANSFAC 2.0!


TRANSFAC® 2.0 – Display of analysis results

MATCH Suite analysis result: Factor Overview

MATCH Suite analysis result: Factor Overview

MATCH Suite analysis result: Factor Details

MATCH Suite analysis result: Factor Details

MATCH Suite analysis result: Matrix Table

MATCH Suite analysis result: Matrix table


TRANSFAC® has been accepted by the scientific community as the gold standard in the field of transcriptional regulation. In 2024 alone, already 260 remarkable scientific papers have been published that used the TRANSFAC® database and the associated tools.

We proudly look back to a 30+ years success story.

And with great excitement, we are proud to provide you with a significantly enhanced TRANSFAC 2.0 which comprehensively addresses the syntax and semantics of gene regulation. With TRANSFAC 2.0, you will be able to explore the genomic language that orchestrates the activation patterns of genes.