TRANSFAC download

The TRANSFAC® flat file download (including the databases TRANSCompel® and TANSProTM) contains eukaryotic transcription factors (and miRNAs), their experimentally determined genomic binding sites and consensus DNA-binding motifs (PWMs), as well as data on combinatorial gene regulation and factor-factor interaction. Promoters, enhancers and silencers annotated with transcription  factor  ChIP-Seq,  DNase hyper-

sensitivity and histone methylated intervals from the ENCODE project and from other sources complement the manually curated binding site data. Based on the positional weight matrices (PWMs) transcription factor binding sites can be predicted in regulatory regions. In the TRANSFAC® flat file download, the tools of the MatchTM Library can be used on command line or the PWMs can be used with tools of the user. 


Here is the screenshot of the TRANSFAC download page showing all the archives included in the download package and their sizes:

TRANSFAC download archives