Unique in quality, depth and coverage of the relevant contents.

BRENDA is the most comprehensive information repository on enzymes and enzyme ligand data. The BRENDA enzyme information system has developed into an elaborate system of enzyme and enzyme-ligand information obtained from different sources, combined with flexible query systems and evaluation tools. BRENDA has been developed and is maintained by the Institute of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. Data on enzyme function are extracted manually from primary literature, and are complemented by text and data mining, data integration, and prediction algorithms.
The curation process has been designed to ensure a maximum of quality, depth and coverage of the contents of this unique database. Formal and consistency checks are done by an elaborate computational pipeline. All enzymes in BRENDA are classified according to the biochemical reaction catalyzed, and are assigned to the corresponding Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers. Reaction kinetics are described in detail. BRENDA’s intuitive user interface support a wide range of queries such as fast full text search, advanced complex queries or searching via sequence or substructure. Browsing the contents is facilitated by a Taxonomic Tree, an Enzyme class, a Genome or an Ontology explorer.
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cytochrome-c oxidase catalyzed reaction
The reaction schema of the cytochrome-c oxidase catalyzed reaction.