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The Genome Enhancer pipeline performs a fully automated analysis of patient omics data, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics and metabolomics data. After an easy data upload and annotation step you simply launch the analysis with an option to select the related disease name, tissue or cell type. A comprehensive analysis report will be generated, which will include detailed information about the methods used and the results obtained, including genes that characterize the studied pathology, the transcription factors that regulate those genes, and the reconstructed model of the intracellular signaling network with identified master regulators – the potential drug targets for treating the studied pathology.

The algorithm used to identify key regulatory elements is our proprietary Upstream Analysis, which involves the knowledge stored in the databases TRANSFAC® and TRANSPATH®. The report also includes information about further chemical compounds that may affect the identified targets. This information is obtained with the PASS tool for prediction of chemical compounds activity and HumanPSD database of gene-disease assignments.

Key features

  • A clear result, issued as a scientific paper
  • Suitable for use by medical doctors and biologists
  • Does not require special skills
  • Processes all types of omics data
  • Easy data upload and annotation
  • One-click run
  • Generates a report on the identified drug targets and prospective therapies

Upstream analysis schema