MATCH Suite is the toolbox of TRANSFAC 2.0, which comprehensively addresses the syntax and semantics of gene regulation and allows you to identify the transcription factors regulating the gene set of your interest.


In its first release the MATCH Suite 1.0 is designed to work with an input list of human genes to identify the activation patterns of these genes on the basis of integrated FMATCH and CMA analyses (see Methods for further details).

Explore the functional enrichment of your gene set, find only transcription factors (TFs) expressed in the tissue of your interest, filter the predicted TFs by those intersecting with enhancers or conservative regions of the genome and much more! You can launch the MATCH Suite by a direct product link from geneXplain databases portal or initiate its analysis from search results in the databases interface. Please refer to the MATCH Suite User guide for further info.

The MATCH Suite automatically generates a comprehensive report on rigorously filtered transcription factors regulating your input gene set. You can view the example report generated by the MATCH Suite.

The interactive results visualisation section of the MATCH Suite provides you with dynamically filterable tables of the eventually identified TFs and respective matrices. The genes from the input set are also compiled to a dynamically updating table, which demonstrates the regulation of these genes by respective TFs and binding motifs. Interactive genome browser visualisation of the identified sites in the promoters of your input genes is providing intuitive overview of the obtained results and various customisable filters applied.

MATCH Suite analysis result: Factor Overview table example:

MATCH Suite analysis result: Factor Pro table example:

MATCH Suite analysis result: Matrix table example:

MATCH Suite analysis result: Genes table example:

MATCH Suite analysis result: Genome browser visualisation example: