Identification and validation of complementary therapies to
overcome resistance to a novel anticancer compound inducing
oxidative stress in cancer cells.








As a Eurostars project, OxidoResist is an international, SME-driven project for innovative product development with a fast track to market.

The OxidoResist project aims to develop a technology to overcome anticancer drug resistance. The OxidoResist technology will apply innovative single cell proteomics and modern AI-based bioinformatics to identify FDA-approved drug(s) that will overcome resistance and have a synergistic effect in combination with a given anti-cancer drug.
We will develop a universal pipeline (joining wet lab, AI-based bioinformatics, cheminformatics and network modeling approaches) for the discovery of optimal complementary drug combinations to fight the resistance to target-specific therapeutic agents. The developed pipeline will be applied to a new highly effective target-specific anticancer compound that was developed in the EuroStars project OxidoCurin (2017-2020).