PASS packages

  • PASS
  • Standard software package, which includes the standard SAR base (Structure-Activity Relationship base). Current standard version of PASS can predict over 7.000 different biological activities.
  • PASS Pro
  • PASS Professional package provides all functions of PASS and the additional option to create, train and validate your proprietary SAR base. With this package, you could make your own and unique SAR base, and use it further for predictions on other compounds. Your own SAR base can be used as it is, or can be combined with the standard SAR base. Thus, locally you would have a unique variant of PASS.
  • PASS Light
  • With PASS Light, you can create, train and validate your proprietary SAR base, and use it for further predictions. The standard SAR base is not included.
  • PASS customized
  • According to your potential focus on particular types of biological activities, a customized variant of PASS can be made to predict a restricted number of activities as per your selection.
  • PASS product + PharmaExpert
  • Any of the products PASS, PASS Pro, PASS Light and PASS customized, can be ordered in a package with PharmaExpert.