Further information

The project is aiming to develop a full cycle pipeline for the support of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients allowing them to monitor their health status remotely via a phone App and further assist the medical doctors in selecting the prospective treatment for a particular clinical case if exacerbation of COPD has happened.

In the scope of the COPreDict project we will develop a decision support system for doctors that will allow to stratify the COPD patients into groups according to the microbiome profile identified in their sputum. The microbiome profile will be identified with the unique technique of measuring microbial lipid composition using the unique Mass Spectrometry of Microbial Markers (MSMM) method. MSMM as a reliable quantitative express method for diagnosing dysbacteriosis and identifying infectious agents which will be developed in this project for analysis of COPD samples.  In addition to the bacterial profiling, the host gene profiling of the genes that will be identified as biomarkers of different COPD exacerbations subgroups will be carried out with the cheap RT-PCR method. The target genes will be identified on the basis of RNA-seq transcriptomics data analysis that will be performed on the publicly available data. In addition to bacterial profiling and gene expression profiling, the patient’s cytokines profile will be checked using the ELISA procedure. Integration of microbial profile, gene expression profile and cytokine profile will serve as the basis for patient stratification procedure, which will assign each of the patient groups with the respective prospective treatment schema.