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PharmaExpert analyzes the relationships between biological activities, drug-drug interactions and multiple targeting of chemical compounds and selects compounds that have a pre-defined biological activity. It helps answer a question like “How to select the most promising compounds among those known to interact with the selected protein?”

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What PharmaExpert can do

The input of the program is a (set of) SDfile(s) with PASS results.

PharmaExpert then allows to:

  • Select compounds with the required therapeutic, but without adverse effects;
  • Comparatively analyze compounds with similar structures;
  • Do a multitargeted selection of compounds with multiple mechanisms of action;
  • Assess drug-drug interactions with regard to their pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and adverse effects.
PharmaExpert performs these tasks through an elaborate system to assign:

  • Superclass–subclass relations between biological activities (see box below)
  • Mechanistic cause–effect relations in either direction:
    • Effects (e.g., anxiolytic effect) are traced back to a molecular mechanism (e.g., acting as 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1A agonist)
    • Mechanisms are predicted to exhibit certain effects

PharmaExpert interface

Several diagrams, e.g. pointing at different master regulators (figure below, red nodes), can be easily joined.

PharmaExpert interface. PharmaExpert analyzes the relationships between biological activities, drug-drug interactions and multiple targeting of chemical compounds and selects compounds that have a pre-defined biological activity.

PharmaExpert interface. (Click image for an enlarged view.)

More to gain an insight into PharmaExpert’s look-and-feel can be found on facebook

0-title 1a-start 1b-start-yellow 2-open-pass-sd-file 3-main-window 4-pa-values 5-effect-mechanism 6-search 7-search-results 8-multitarget-effect 9-multitarget-mechanisms 9-multitarget-mechanisms 10-multitarget-number 11-multitarget-result 12-multitarget-search 13-statistics-of-activity-spectra pharmaexpert-slider 15-d-d-i-additive 15b-d-d-i-additive 16-d-d-i-kinetic 17-d-d-i-all 17b-d-d-i-all

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Thank you very much for your interest in the programs PASS and PharmaExpert!

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Last release features

  • The number of activity types has increased by over 3000 terms.
  • The underlying MER Base has been improved by adding 450 activity-activity relationships.
  • Enhanced functionality for drug-drug interaction analysis: automatic pair-wise analysis for two sdf files with pass prediction results added.
  • See the release announcement for further details.

Information downloads

PharmaExpert Flyer (dowload; pdf, 0.4 MB)
Presentation (download; pdf, 0.7 MB)
PharmaExpert Info (download; pdf, 0.87 MB)
PharmaExpert User Guide (download; pdf, 1.1 MB)


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