TRANSFAC seasonal offer

TRANSFAC seasonal offer


TRANSFAC seasonal offer December 2023
Are you a master or PhD student doing research in the field of life sciences? Is your work related to gene regulation studies? Have you heard about TRANSFAC, the world-wide known database of transcription factors and their binding sites? For sure, TRANSFAC and its accompanying software would significantly facilitate your research.

Don’t miss your chance to get TRANSFAC Online Named User License for academic organizations with a

20% discount for just €1,144

This offer is valid only for new users and only until December 22nd 2023, price before VAT.

Don’t miss your chance to get access to TRANSFAC professional for the lowest price ever!

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What will my academic named user license include for such a price?


You will get the full access to TRANSFAC basic package, which includes:


  • Biggest collection of transcription factors, their DNA binding models, and genes bound by them, in user-friendly interface

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  • Prediction of TFBS in eukaryotic species, with a focus on human, mouse, rat, yeast, and plants, using geneXplain portal interface

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  • Prediction of human TFBS using classic Match and MATCH Suite tools

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Want to learn more about TRANSFAC features and packages? Visit this page for further details.


Still thinking whether TRANSFAC will be useful for your research? Doubts away! Check out this collection of videos demonstrating how TRANSFAC is applied for various biological and biomedical studies: