9.1 Class: Cold-shock domain factors (CSD)
Description: TRANSFAC® class description C0019: Cold-shock domain proteins are characterized by a highly conserved region first found in prokaryotic cold-shock proteins (PMID 1622927, PMID 8031301). This domain is a single-stranded nucleic acid-binding structure interacting with DNA or RNA. It consists of an antiparallel five-stranded beta-barrel, the strands of which are connected by turns and loops (PMID 8321288, PMID 8321289). Within this structure, a three-stranded beta-strand contains a conserved RNA-binding motif, RNP1 (PMID 8321288, PMID 8321289, PMID 8967899). Not all CSD proteins are transcription factors. Those which specifically bind to a certain sequence are termed Y-box proteins. - Proteins of this class were previously called protamine-like domain proteins because of having a highly positively charged domain with interspersed proline residues.
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of CSD sequences
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