8.2 Class: A.T hook factors (AThook)
Description: Class description: The A.T hook is a short sequence motif of 9-16 amino acids, occurring in multiple repeats (3 in the human HMGA factors). It is unordered when free in solution, but adopts an extended conformation upon binding to the minor groove of an AT-rich DNA sequence. In contrast to TBP, it does not hydrophobically intercalate and therefore preserves the B conformation of the bound DNA. (PMID 9253416)
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of A.T hook sequences
Download fasta file of whole DBDs or of repeats.
Logo plot:
Blue: basic residues (KRH); red: acidic residues (DE); purple: amides (QN); black: hydrophobic residues (AVLIPWFM); green: polar (CSTYG) (http://weblogo.berkeley.edu/)