6.4 Class: Runt domain factors (Runt)
Description: TRANSFAC® class description C0029: The members of this transcription factor class have been identified on the basis of their homology to a defined region within the Drosophila protein Runt. The runt domain (of RUNX1) contains twelve beta strands, seven of which shape the fold of an immunoglobulin-like beta sandwich (S-type Ig fold) also found in the DNA-binding domains of other transcription factors (NF-kappaB, NFAT, p53, STAT, and the T-domain) that is preceded by an N-terminal alpha helix (PMID 10404214, PMID 10545320, PMID 12217689). The runt domain is responsible for both DNA-binding and heterodimerization which occur at distinct, non-overlapping sites within the domain (PMID 11327761). Heterodimerization with CBFbeta leads to conformational changes in the runt domain (S-switch) that stabilize DNA binding. (PMID 10734228, PMID 11257229, PMID 12217689)
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of Runt domains
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