5.3 Class: SAND domain factors (SAND)
Description: Class description: A twisted beta-sheet exposes four alpha-helices that are packed against one side of the sheet. Most important for DNA-binding is a KDWK motif at the N-terminus of the third alpha-helix. Residues of this alpha-helix and the KWDK motif contact bases through the major groove, but the alpha-helix does not insert into the major groove. The domain structure of some of the class members is supported by an overlaying zinc coordinating motif. (PMID 11427895, PMID 15649886)
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of SAND domains
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Logo plot:
Blue: basic residues (KRH); red: acidic residues (DE); purple: amides (QN); black: hydrophobic residues (AVLIPWFM); green: polar (CSTYG) (http://weblogo.berkeley.edu/)