3.7 Class: ARID domain factors (ARID)
Description: Class description: The AT-rich interaction domain ARID comprises a variant helix-turn-helix motif, the DNA-binding of which is accompanied by additional DNA-contacting loop structures and requires further contacts for sequence-specific binding. Among the seven mammalian subfamilies, only ARID3 and ARID5 were reported earlier to bind DNA in a sequence-specific manner (PMID 15922553 and references therein). Later on, a preferred binding sequence was also reported for JARID1A (PMID 18270511), and since there may be also subtle affinity differences for the other ARID factors, and all of them seem to have an impact on transcriptional control, all known factors have been listed here. They have been classified under superclass 3 since the recognition helix of the ARID domain inserts into the major groove in a similar manner as the 'classical' helix-turn-helix motif.
TRANSFAC® class description C0048: Highly conserved DNA-binding domain that encompass 108-132 amino acids. The solution structure of the Mrf-2 binding domain contains six helices, two loops and a flexible C-terminus. In the DNA complex Mrf-2 contacts both the major and minor grooves.
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of ARID domains
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