3.3 Class: Fork head / winged helix factors (FKH)
Description: TRANSFAC® class description C0023: Identified by homology between HNF-3A and fkh. The domain comprises approx. 110 AA. Analysis of the crystal structure has revealed a compact structure of three alpha-helices, the third alpha-helix being exposed towards the major groove of the DNA. The domain also exerts minor groove contacts. Upon binding to DNA, it induces a bend of 13 degree.
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of FKH domains
Download fasta file Family 3.3.1: FOX factors
Download fasta file Family 3.3.2: E2F-related factors
Download fasta file Family 3.3.3: RFX-related factors
Logo plot: Note: The three families of this class do not share significant sequence similarities. Therefore, logo plots of their DNA-binding domains are given for the three families distinctly.
Family 3.3.1: FOX factors
Family 3.3.2: E2F-related factors
(The gap between positions 43 and 63, which has been skipped from the logo shown, is due to a large gap in most of the aligned sequences, and little conservation among the remaining ones.)
Family 3.3.3: RFX-related factors