2.7 Class: C2HC zinc finger factors (C2HC)
Description: Class description: The individual zinc finger modules of this class are characterized by a tetrahedrical coordination of one zinc ion by three cysteines and one histidine, arranged according to the pattern C-X(2,4)-C-X(12)-H-(3,5)-C, similar to C2H2 zinc fingers. In contrast to them, they form a rather irregular, but compact structure without recognizable secondary structure elements. At least some C2HC zinc fingers bind sequence-specifically to DNA, where the whole C2HC zinc finger sites in the major groove. (PMID: 14744132, 18073212) – This class should not be mixed up with CCHC zinc fingers, which follow the signature C--C----H----C (i.e., having much shorter spacing between the leading two C and the H), and are mostly RNA-binders.
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of C2HC domains
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