2.5 Class: DM-type intertwined zinc finger factors
Description: Class description: The known transcription factors exhibiting a DNA-binding domain of intertwined zinc fingers belong to the DM group of proteins, named after Drosophila Doublesex and C. elegans Meb-3. Intertwined are one zinc finger of C2HC and one of HCC2 type, each binding one zinc ion. Together, they follow the consensus pattern C--C--h--------H---C----c-c-c, where upper and lower case letter refer to either zinc finger, and dashes symbolize any other amino acid. The most C-terminal cysteine is part of a short alpha-helical structure, which extends into a carboxy-terminal tail that stably folds into an alpha helix upon binding to DNA. This recognition helix binds in the minor groove of the DNA. In contrast to other minor-groove binders, it does not induce a sharp bending of the DNA. (PMID 16382145)
Aligned domain sequences: Alignment of DM-type zinc finger domains
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