What PharmaExpert can do

The input of the program is a (set of) SDfile(s) with PASS results.

PharmaExpert then allows to:

  • Select compounds with the required therapeutic, but without adverse effects;
  • Comparatively analyze compounds with similar structures;
  • Do a multitargeted selection of compounds with multiple mechanisms of action;
  • Assess drug-drug interactions with regard to their pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and adverse effects.
PharmaExpert performs these tasks through an elaborate system to assign:

  • Superclass–subclass relations between biological activities (see box below)
  • Mechanistic cause–effect relations in either direction:
    • Effects (e.g., anxiolytic effect) are traced back to a molecular mechanism (e.g., acting as 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1A agonist)
    • Mechanisms are predicted to exhibit certain effects