The gold standard in the area of transcriptional regulation.

Appreciated by millions of TRANSFAC® users, the MATCH utility with significantly extended functionality now comes in a bundle with TRANSFAC® 2.0 as the new MATCH Suite tool.


TRANSFAC® is the database of eukaryotic transcription factors, their genomic binding sites and DNA-binding profiles. Dating back to a very early compilation, it has been carefully maintained and curated since then and became the gold standard in the field, which can be made use of when applying the MATCH Suite tool or the geneXplain platform.


In particular its library of positional weight matrices is a unique collection of DNA-binding models, suitable for a comprehensive analysis of genomic sequences for potential transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs).

You can use TRANSFAC® as encyclopedia of transcriptional regulation, or as a tool to identify potential TFBSs. The latter can be done with the MATCH Suite tool or with any of the respective modules in the geneXplain platform.


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