Key features of PASS 2020

The general PASS training set has been improved. So PASS 2020 SAR Base contains information about 1,368,353 substances, which are described by 128,917 MNA descriptors of the 1st and 2nd levels.
The entire activity list includes 9,942 terms of activity type. Thereof, 8,283 activity types may be predicted with the average invariant accuracy, IAP, of prediction 0.9301.
All predictable activity types are categorized into seven groups:

  • 559 Pharmacological Effects
  • 4,481 Mechanisms of Action
  • 678 Toxic and Adverse Effects
  • 161 Antitargets
  • 225 Metabolism-Related Actions
  • 2,414 Gene Expression Regulation
  • 86 Transporters-Related Actions
By default, PASS 2020 predicts 1,945 activity types with the average invariant accuracy of prediction 0.9711. Find the recommended list of activity types here (pdf, 294 KB).
Depending on the particular purpose, the user may include into the predictable activity list any of the 8,283 activity types using the “Selection” procedure.