geneXplain platform order form

geneXplain platform order form

Academic licenses INTRODUCTORY OFFER

Number of
Storage space per account
0.5 GB 1.5 GB 5 GB 10 GB
1 75 € 190 € 540 € 1000 €
2 145 € 360 € 1020 € 1800 €
3 210 € 530 € 1480 € 2600 €
4 270 € 680 € 1920 € 3500 €
5 325 € 830 € 2330 € 4000 €
10 550 € 1400 € 4000 € 7500 €


The prices given are for annual licenses and are without VAT. Please, contact us under info(at) for quotes of >10 GB storage space or for >10 accounts, e.g. for a campus license.

Use your account with 0.5 GB for most standard analyses of single entities, such as promoter analysis of individual genes or small sets of genes.

1.5 GB storage space are sufficient for a full-fledged analysis of single standard microarray series, including statistical analysis of the raw data, functional analysis of gene sets, promoter and pathway analysis.

5 GB storage space enables you to analyze several microarray data sets, e.g. of one time series monitoring a biological process.

Empower your platform account with 10 GB storage space to analyze large-scale data sets, e.g. from NGS experiments.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Go to the registration page and register your free user account. You will be immediately assigned your first free project with 15 MB storage space. Start right away to explore the rich functionality of the geneXplain platform! Your account and the free project space are permanent and at your disposal until you delete it.

Step 2: Launch your first professional project by estimating the size of the data your wish to work with. A short guide how much storage space you may need for a certain type of application is provided above.

Step 3: Send us your order by e-mail stating how much storage space you need (info(at) Please, don’t forget to include your account data (name and e-mail address that you used for registration), and the address for the invoice.

Step 4: The server area for your new project will be opened within 24 hours.

Commercial licenses

Please, contact us under info(at) so that we can make sure to submit you a tailor-made offer that optimally suits to your needs.